Hello!  I have been in the wine business for over 30 years.  I have worn many hats in the wine trade; distributor rep, sommelier, buyer and owner of a boutique wine shop. 


I have done over 1,500 wine tastings to consumers with some kind of food component but mostly a variety of cheeses.


Italy has always been a fascination to me both in culture and wine.  I was able to visit parts of Italy and the visit solidified that love even more.


Why Italian only? 


In my past 14 years in teaching people about wine, I noticed many people are interested and curious to know more about Italian wine but due to the language, or their lack of time, they don’t pursue that curiosity.


That is where I come in!


Wouldn’t it be a shame to have all this knowledge and not share it?


Italian wine can be intimidating, but it doesn't have to be that way!
I can give you a better understanding of Italian wine. 
You will develop a greater appreciation for Italian wine and you’ll experience some of the most amazing flavor sensations known to the mouth!
Italian wine is DELICIOUS! 
When you get more knowledge, it tastes even better! 
Knowledge is Pleasure!
I can clarify things and make it easier for you to understand Italian wine. 
Armed with that knowledge, you can make better buying decisions at the restaurant or your local retailer.  
Your time is very valuable, I don’t want to waste it.  
I want to save you time and energy.  I have taken the time (over 30 yrs) to research these Italian wine topics and offer them in a quick and succinct manner for people to learn at their convenience.
Twice a month I will provide concise, and clear information about a region in Italy and the different grapes that make these tasty wines.
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Tuscany, Sangiovese & Chianti Classico


The opinions presented here are mine.  My desire is to expose you to the tasty wines of Italy.
We all have different tastes. 
If your tastes align with a wine critic or a wine app, then that should be your source for descriptive details about a particular wine. Eventually, it all boils down to your individual preferences.


Wine tasting is an individual experience.
I will give you some core characteristics of the wine, but you will have to decide for yourself by tasting to see if that is your “style” of wine. 
Exploring your “style” is great fun!  I must warn you though, once you start exploring, you will find your tastes will change or your “style” will expand.
Depending on where you live, you might have trouble getting some of the wines mentioned in the site.  Liquor laws vary from state to state in the USA, so there might be challenges to obtaining some of the wines locally. 
Please consult your local retailer for availability. 
Expand your Italian Wine knowledge.
Explore the different places!
Learn how wonderful these wines can be!  


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