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Free Sample Inside- Chianti Classico
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"The approach, to introduce a region, a vineyard, and a wine narrows the focus for a more personal experience.  

A pleasing surprise was the addition of wine and food pairings. 

I am enjoying this new avenue for wine exploration. 

Thank you for creating Vino Clarity."

Jeanne G

 "I thought that I would give Vino Clarity a try, in attempting to better understand my wine options.

I am sure that as my knowledge of Italian wines progresses, I will continue to enjoy the wines we have already tried, but also try a few new options. 

I am also certain that my enjoyment of wines will increase, and that Vino Clarity will pique my desire to move further into wine education. 

Mario N.

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"I always come away with a few gems.  John makes it fun to get a new understanding about any aspect of wine, from pairing it with food, to a deeper appreciation for the culture where it was produced."

Rebecca K.

"I’ve really enjoyed reading the articles in Vino Clarity.  It is an easy, interesting read and has increased my interest in Italian wines.  We are planning a trip to Italy in the Fall and this has given us many ideas about places to visit.  We look forward to each new article!"    Judy F.
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 For several decades, I have studied and enjoyed the wines of Italy.  Through my years of teaching wine appreciation, I have learned how to Clarify the intimidating things about Italian Wine. 

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